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{OPEN} Captain John Paul Jones, 23 I Captain of the USS Ranger and guest at the ‘Trianon I FC: Ioan Gruffudd I Ships: up to rper I Lovers: Gabrielle de Breteuil 

Bio: Jones is a man of humble beginnings, born to a gardener and his wife on the southwest coast of Scotland. Yet it is his naval career that he holds nearest to his heart, and his adopted home, America. He began his career when he was thirteen, and unexpected fortune struck him when yellow fever struck both the Captain and the 1st lieutenant of the brig John and it was left to him to safely navigate the brig back to port (and he was only 21 at the time). The success of this venture left him with his first command but it wasn’t long before he ran into the trouble that would be the provocation for his leaving of Scotland for good.

Upon leaving Scotland he ventured to North Carolina, leaving behind his entire fortune due to an unlucky entanglement upon yet another ship. It was there, whilst arranging the affairs of his late brother that he took up the surname ‘Jones’ and developed a strong affection for the United States, deciding to join it’s newly founded “continental navy.” His time in the navy only brought him fortune and acclaim and especial fame when he captured sixteen prizes during a six week voyage as a commander of the small Providence. It was also thanks to Jones, that General Borgoyne found himself short of winter coats upon his trek through Canada, after Jones raided and captured the Mellish. 

Now, Jones finds himself under orders to “assist the american cause, however possible,” whilst waiting for France to sign a treaty with America so he might have his promised command of the 'L'indien' that is currently in French hands. While he is enjoying the esteemed hospitality of the french and of course his luxurious lodgings within the Trianon, he cannot help but long to be back at sea once more, where he knows he might be more useful. 

House: The Grand Trianon

Personality: Vain (he simply cannot get enough of himself), Ambitious (unmatched. All his contemporaries agree.), Frank (open about his opinions and doesn’t dodge around the point), Confident, Enthusiastic (about life, ideals, and whatever he puts his mind too), Compassionate, Unlucky 

Secret: As a young man he flogged one of his subordinates severely and two weeks after the man died, Jones was then arrested on the claim that he had killed the man with his “unnecessary cruelty,” after that he fled Scotland, but on another voyage he was pulled into a sword fight with a mutineer and he killed the man in self-defense. To this day he lives in regret for those two incidents. 

TAGS:   Ioan Gruffudd.   Hornblower.   18th century.   Versailles.   France.   America.   Captain John Paul Jones.   OMale.

{OPEN} Marie-Jeannette Bécu “Madame du Barry”, 23 | Courtesan, invited to Versailles | FC: Natalie Dormer  |  Possible Lovers: Louis XVI

Bio: Marie-Jeannette Bécu or Madame du Barry (as she goes by her mistress name) is a woman of enticing and seductive beauty who craves men and the rich life. Being a commoner of low birth, and being widely disliked at court, did not stop her from being invited to Versailles by the Dauphin himself. Which made du Barry, Marie Antoinette’s number one rival. 

Personality: vain, seductive, flirtatious, mysterious and ambitious. Du Barry goes to great length’s to hide where she came from and takes great pride in where she is. She is not a woman to fear the twittering of those who are jealous of her, but nor is she one to ignore the dangers of her own history and the power of those within Versailles. 

Secret: Any ideas? 

*note: back story is up to the rper also is her ship and possible lovers*

TAGS:   Natalie Dormer.   Madame Du Barry.   The Tudors.   Anne Boleyn.   Versailles.   Oladies.   Marie Antoinette.
Open/Taken/Reserved Characters

Some of the old characters have been reopened due to the inactivity or leave of old rpers. On top of that, some things may be added to or adjusted on those characters and if anyone wishes to apply for them and has any ideas themselves, please feel free to share we are always happy to listen! 

With that, more characters are being created as well ^-^ thank you once again for your patience and a welcome to all new rpers! 

TAGS:   mod Alex.
Anonymous ASKED: I imagine gay characters would involve a lot of secrecy and covering up... It'd be fun I think. ;)

I love the idea as well, get off anon and we’ll discuss some ideas, this is a silly thing to be anon about don’t you think? :)

Anonymous ASKED: are any of the male gay? and would you be interested in making any homosexual fcs?

it would of course depend on just how talented of a writer-and how respectful of the time period you are. If you could respect and be aware of how…looked down upon such a thing was during this era, and treat it with the respect and care it deserves, then, of course we are open to it. 

William Baptiste
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Anonymous ASKED: what happened to this rp?? it seemed so good then it just stopped all of the sudden...?

that’s often the way with life, for you see, it is filled with it’s ups and it’s downs and it is often the case that one must suffer through those tragic times for a better tomorrow. You see, I hope that even here we can all learn these valuable life lessons. 

Anonymous ASKED: is this rpg closing down? Or can I audition for a character?

yes you may audition!